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One way to make an income online is to create your own blog. Create Your Own Blog

Blogging just means writing . . . so you get to write about whatever it is that you love doing!

Sound easy? Sound like fun? It is . . . but you have to really believe in and know about what you are blogging about or your words will have no impact on your reader.

Let the passion of your knowledge shine through in your words!

What to Write About?

So you’re going to write a blog, now you need to decide on a niche. A niche is just a What to write abouttopic, a field of expertise; but make sure it’s a very specific niche, not too broad. For example, cooking is too broad a topic. Instead, choose a specific type of cooking such as, healthy cooking, Italian cooking, vegan cooking, etc.

To begin with, brainstorm all your interests and every little thing that you like doing. The key is to think of EVERYTHING. Even things that you take for granted.

Your list can include collecting buttons if that’s one of the things you like doing. Or going to car boot sales. Or cleaning your house. Yes, even cleaning can be a niche.

For example, your list may read:

Writing, cooking, gardening, helping grandma, shopping for clothes, watching movies.

Make each thing on your list more specific.

Writing a diary, cooking Italian food, gardening – growing vegetables, yoga – with Tara Stiles, clothes shopping – on a budget, watching movies – romantic comedies.

ANY of your interests can be turned into blogs but not all of them will have the same amount of traffic-power, which means earning-power. For your first niche website I would recommend putting the traffic question aside and just focussing on which topic will flow easiest for you.

Because writing the content is king and you need to feel free with your writing so that you get the hang of blogging.

So Which Topic Inspires You Most?

This is a surprisingly difficult decision to make, but believe me, it will all come good!

My first list looked like this:

natural horse keeping, barefoot hoof trimming, painting, writing, reading, positive thinking, vegetarian gluten-free cooking, living in Andalusia, travelling in the province of Malaga.

I found it quite difficult to decide which one to start with, but in the morning, after going through the process of crossing off the weaker ones, I chose Positive Thinking, and decided on Love Positive Thinking. My choice was not based on traffic and not intended to be the most lucrative one but it was perfect for my first site because it’s something I really believe in, so it was easy to write about!

Watch this great video by Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate to help you choose your niche.

Choose your niche

Blogging Means Chatting About Your Topic

You need to be able to chat about your topic and really understand what you’re talking about.

If you don’t know much about something, don’t choose to blog about it. It will show in your writing. There are people who say you can blog just from researching a topic on Google but I don’t agree.

If you choose something like gardening, which is a very broad niche, you’ll need to further specify the niche down to organic gardening and How to keep bugs away without pesticides, for example.

By being more specific you’re more likely to get higher rankings in Google.

How To Earn Money with Blogging

To make money from your blog you’ll need to add products (affiliate marketing), such as gardening books, tools, seed companies etc. Or you could become an affiliate for a gardening course, or add Google Adds to your page.

If you type into Google a seed company name + affiliate programme you’ll see the affiliate programme that the company offers. You can sign up for the affiliate programme for free and then put links on your blog.

Whenever a reader clicks through your links, you’ll receive a commission. Anther way to monetise your site is to review products. Choose two products and write an in-depth review for them. Place links to the affiliate sites selling the products so that you get your commission when someone clicks through.

Like anything, when you start digging deeper you can find an awful lot to say about any one topic when you break it down into smaller chunks. The important thing is that your content is helpful for your readers. It’s a mistake to write all about yourself and then put links to products. Your blog should be aimed at helping other people and solving people’s problems so that it has value for your reader.

Read on about how to register your domain.

Did you find this article helpful for writing a blog? Are you planning to start your own blog? Let me know in the comments below.

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