How to Create a Website

If you want to learn how to create a website but you don’t know where to start, this page will show you how to create a website using WordPress.

Ready to make a website

There are other platforms out there, and the two that I used before were Wix and Yahoo, but I’ve found WordPress more user-friendly and versatile than either of the other two.

You can build any type of website using WordPress: an online shop, a showcase for your photography portfolio or a blog . . .

What is WordPress?

What is wordpress

WordPress is a platform for building websites. It’s a place that makes things easy for you. In the olden days anyone who wanted to build a website would have to learn code. But that’s no longer necessary with a platform like WordPress.

WordPress has loads of pre-made designs or themes, ready for you to choose from to give your website just the look you want. Once you’ve chosen your theme, you’ll want to tweak it to make your site unique.

How to Build a New Website:

Here is a simplified list of how to build a new website:

  1. First you must decide what type of website you want to build (affiliate, review-based, blog.)
  2. Choose and register your domain name
  3. Build your website frame using WordPress.
  4. Create structural pages – About, Privacy Page & Contact Us.
  5. Research your keywords.
  6. Write great content for your pages based around your keywords.
  7. Add quality images to your content.
  8. Submit your new post to Google and Bing for faster ranking.
  9. Post your new content in your social media accounts: Facebook, Pinterest, Google + Twitter and any more that you visit.
  10. Double check your new post and also the SEO .

Once you’ve got familiar with the dashboard of WordPress (something which is made especially easy at Wealthy Affiliate because it’s broken down into steps,) you can build the skeleton of a professional website in a matter of moments.

Take a look at this great video from Wealthy Affiliate & see how you can build your own website in a matter of moments. Build a website in moments

Click below to join a free site where you can create your very own free website using WordPress.

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If you’d like to keep reading, the next post is about how to create your own blog.

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