Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Jaaxy may well be the best-thing-ever for doing keyword research, especially if you’re writing lots of material and producing content regularly, as long as you don’t mind paying for the accuracy, ease-of-use and time-saving speed that you get with Jaaxy.

Jaaxy’s a much more comprehensive tool than any other keyword tool that I know of and can make the work of choosing your niche, domain name and keywords much quicker, simpler and more fun. Plus it has other advantages too.

The Question is: Is it Worth Paying for a Keyword Tool Such as Jaaxy?

Before answering that, (see conclusion) let’s look at what you get with Jaaxy. When you search for keywords you’ll see this screen:

Jaaxy Keyword tool

There’s a total of 8 columns:

AVG: This shows you the average number of people who are searching for the chosen keywords in any given month.

Traffic: How much traffic you can expect to visit your website directly from this keyword if you are ranked number one in Google.

QSR: (Quoted Search Results.) How many websites which are ranked in Google as direct competition with for the chosen keywords.

KQI: (Keyword Quality Indicator.) Red, Yellow or Green lights mean that you can instantly see whether the keyword is interesting or not. Green means go for it; Yellow means the competition is a bit high but could still be worth considering; Red means the competition is too high.

SEO: A number from 1 -100 which is a conclusion of all the other information, telling you just how powerful the keyword is in an instant. The higher the number, the better.

Domains: Tells you which domains are available using the exact keywords as their title.

Brainstorm: the final column offers a brainstorm of ideas based around your original search.

Result: The search on Jaaxy is fast, efficient and fun. The ease with which you can do a search gives you a competitive edge because you can work much faster and cover far more keywords than you would on a standard keyword search tool. In all honesty Jaaxy could be the difference between finding the diamond keyword or domain name . . . or not.

How to Search for Keywords on Jaaxy

You’ve put in a keyword into the search box and now you have a list of similar keywords to choose from. Go through them, assessing their SEO power according to each of the results in the columns.

On the right, Jaaxy will show other suggestions that you can look through, so it does a sort of brainstorming for you.

How to Interpret the Columns

You want the highest amount of traffic possible right? Well actually probably not. While it’s great to have high traffic for a keyword, more often than not those keywords will have too much competition to be interesting to you.

There’s absolutely no point in being on page five of Google. You want to be on page one. Preferably within the top three sites of page one, so you have to look at the traffic column hand-in-hand with the competition column.

Cast you eye down the traffic lights and concentrate only on the keywords with green lights for now. You’re aiming for competition of under 200, the lower the number the better. If it’s a new website, the ideal would be under 100. As the website grows in Google’s estimation you can go for up to 300 competition.

Click (on the left) to save any keyword that could be useful and it will be saved to a list. You can create a different list for each page or post you write.

Carry on searching and brainstorming all the possible keywords until you’re sure you’ve found all the diamonds among them. While you’re searching you’ll be able to see which ones you’ve already saved because of the L next to them.

Once you’ve finished searching, open your list and you’ll find another cool feature of Jaaxy: you can now click on any of the columns to organise the keywords in that order, according to that criteria.

First, click on SEO and see which ones come out on top and which ones you like best for your post. Next click on traffic and check that the ones you’ve chosen have decent traffic levels. You want to have more than 50 traffic per month but if it’s an important page to your site then higher than 50 is better, but sometimes you’ll be writing a post and you can’t even get 50.

Basically you want the highest traffic with the lowest competition – and then you’ve found your diamond. But don’t stop there – keep the list of all the useful keywords so that you can use them for future posts.

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Other Advantages of Jaaxy

Niche Research

You can use the Jaaxy tool for researching a new niche market. So if you have an idea for making a new website and you run all the searches on specific keywords for your new niche website, at the same time you can take advantage of the domain tab and get a domain name with your keywords incorporated into the name.

Ranking Tool

This is such a cool feature of Jaaxy. Just enter the URL of your website and the keyword search you want to check and Jaaxy will show you where you’re ranked – as long as you’re in the top 200. Also handy for checking out competition websites’ ranking.

Domain Purchase

Domains are cheap until someone buys them and re-sells them for a profit. If you’re interested in being the one to buy and re-sell domain names, then Jaaxy can help you find the right domains to buy to turnover a quick profit.

Mobile Friendly

Jaaxy can be accessed from your mobile phone which means you can do keyword research whenever you’re out and about, on a journey or waiting in a waiting room for your dentist appointment!

Cons of Jaaxy

I find Jaaxy really user-friendly and it’s a great tool but it’s designed for serious searching, for bloggers and affiliate marketers who are prepared to pay for the time it will save them and the accuracy it will give them.

For somebody who doesn’t spend much time on keyword research, Jaaxy is a bit on the pricy side.

And for someone just starting out, Jaaxy may be a luxury option but the free trial compensates because you can try it out before you buy, so you know you won’t be buying something you’ll later regret.

Jaaxy’s Membership Options

Jaaxy has three membership options:

Free: try out Jaaxy for Free with their free membership option which will allow you 30 free searches.

19$ per month for the Pro membership.

49$ per month for the Enterprise membership.

The table below shows the difference between the different memberships:

wealthy affiliate pricing options


Jaaxy’s a cool platform offering a great service from a reliable team (Kyle & Carson, founders of Wealthy Affiliate). The free option means you can try it out and understand it properly before deciding whether to become a paying member.

For anybody who’s seriously doing affiliate marketing or blogging or any kind of online work, Jaaxy will provide them with an undeniable edge over the competition but it has to be said that the pricing options are a probably on the high side for anybody just starting out.

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Oh yes, and don’t forget to let me know what you think of Jaaxy after you’ve tried it out!

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