Introduction – Love Working Online

You can build your independence and the life of your dreams by working online. You just have to believe it and set out down the path of learning how to do it.

I’m not saying you’ll get instant success, on the contrary, you’ll need to have patience and persistence. But you CAN create the life you want.

Take action right now. Be decisive, active and persistent, and most importantly – don’t ever give up.

Live your dream

Do you think that sites that say you can earn money online are basically trying to get people to part with their hard earned cash for nothing in return?

Well it’s true there are a lot of schemes out there which are designed to make money fast but what I want to share with you isn’t about making quick money. No, it’s about learning the tools of the trade to set up your own business.

The secret is to stop searching for instant success and start thinking about this as a long journey, just the same as if you were going to university to become a doctor or lawyer or whatever.

First you have to put in the time to become a master of your trade. Then can you start to build an income from it.

Do you think any of these things?

I can’t learn all this stuff.

I could never make money online.

It would cost too much to get an online education. 

There’s too much competition.

All these blockages and many more are both true and false. If you believe them, they’re true. But if you’re determined and follow your path to online success the world is the limit, and they become completely false.

You can start building your first website almost immediately, while you progress through the education and what’s even better is you can start out completely for free.

Later on your goal will be to earn money from your websites but for now, be happy just to learn your trade of working online.

How Can You Turn a Website into Cash?

The basic, simplified, model is:

Choose your niche  Create a website – Get traffic to the website – Earn income.

Of course it isn’t that simple because you have to know how to build the website and you have to know how to get traffic to your site before you can get to the income bit.

But the most exciting thing is that you can do just that right alongside your normal life, online at your own pace. 

This is an opportunity to learn how to create your own niche website, apply SEO to get traffic, and finally earn revenue from your online business.

You have to work hard if you want to succeed but when you like your work, it’s easy to work hard.

Change a Core Belief and You Change Everything.

I’ve changed my core beliefs (from being online-shy to going full-throttle forwards, among others,) and I’m living the most productive time of my life. Right Now!

So I’ve created this website to help you change whatever it is you want to change in your present situation and to make the leap onto this exciting new path of working online.

So you can travel or live abroad without worrying about how to make a living. Because if you work from home you have the solution in your hands.

Where & How to Start?

I live in Spain and I haven’t depended on employment since I moved here in 1998. I’ve always created my own work. It’s only now that I’ve decided to grow an online business and reduce my on-site working hours so that I can travel more.

I started out 18 months ago, knowing nothing about blogging, and now I have three blog sites. The secret of my learning is a free-to-join website where you get full training and support with building your online business. Click below to start your own online blog and join me.

Start Learning Now

I wish you a great journey with your new business and free lifestyle!

Have you got any questions about how this works?  Leave me a message below.

4 Replies to “Introduction – Love Working Online”

  1. I haven’t figured out what it is you are selling, other than an “upgrade”, like… get people on board free and if they upgrade you get a cut.
    Or am I wrong?


    Regards et al.

    1. Hello Mike,
      I am affiliated with WA so if my readers decide to sign up long term – because they find value when they join Wealthy affiliate for free – then I will get a small referral fee. The free membership means that someone will only sign up if they really find quality within. So the free membership is a gift so that my readers can experience the community, enjoy and learn the same as I am enjoying and learning! All my enthusiasm on my site is real and it really is my opinion; I’m not trying to talk ‘sell’ – I really am excited about this training program and community!
      All the best! Soraya

    1. Hi Mike, There is a built-in spam blocker on the site and I didn’t want visitors to have the extra inconvenience when they go to leave a comment. If spam does become a problem despite the in-built spam blocker then I would have to add it…
      Thanks for the comment! Soraya

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