My Wealthy Affiliate Journey

My Wealthy Affiliate journey’s been a learning curve overflowing with progress and in this article I’m going to share my tips with you for getting the most success out of it.

What Can You Get From Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

If you’re thinking of joining Wealthy Affiliate because you want to learn how to start an online business, build a website, get into affiliate marketing, share your experiences, help others . . . and to make it part of your daily life . . . then you’re holding a winning hand. And you’ll go far with your online ventures.

Winning hand


But if you want to join because you’re looking for an easy way to make money, then you’ll find it less rewarding. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t give you any magic tricks, it gives you the education and support. The rest is up to you.

The Start of My Journey at Wealthy Affiliate

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I’d been looking around on the net trying to find a way to get started online. I knew there must be a way that would work for me, but I hadn’t found it yet.

I knew nothing about anything. I tried three other places on the net before I came across Wealthy Affiliate. But I learnt very little and I didn’t know how to build a website, or write a blog. I was a tiny little innocent, setting out on a path to my destiny.

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I went through the training eagerly and set up my first website; I was sure I was going to make lots of money very soon.

But I made a fundamental mistake; I forgot the present and thought only about the destination, treated the whole thing like a miracle, sent to fill my cup with instant success.

And once I’d finished the initial training and I had my first website up and running, I was suddenly left thinking . . . now what should I do?

The Six Month Marker Of My Journey at Wealthy Affiliate

When I hit the six month mark I felt a bit lost. So I took a couple of months off. I never wanted to leave or give up, I just paused. And while I was on pause I knew that I had to break through and carry on.

I knew that there would be a way forward. So I returned to Wealthy Affiliate, picked up my tools and started again. And this time I started a site with the long haul in mind.

Blogging’s part of my life now. It isn’t a quick road to a result; no, it’s a present moment. Nothing in life should be a quick road to a result . . . every single moment should be a moment that you live for the present.

And since my change in attitude I’ve discovered new depths to Wealthy Affiliate.

What Do I Think Of Wealthy Affiliate Now?

Wealthy Affiliate’s the absolute best place to be for me. It’s a grounding from where I can go out into the wide world web and come back to, like a study base or a home.

When I have a technical problem with my website that I don’t know how to deal with, I contact site support and they answer within minutes. It really is that quick and that efficient.Questions

If I have a problem with any other aspect of my site, like SEO for example, I post a question and the other, more experienced members answer.

And if it’s something urgent, I can head over to the live chat zone, ask a question and get an immediate answer.

Apart from that there are so many things . . . I love being part of the community, meeting people, reading their opinions. Knowing that it’s a place with strict rules about supporting each other.

I also love it that I can have as many sites as I want, all for the same membership and with the instant support. And I love the videos and the trainings.

And of course then there’s the free membership for Jaaxy Lite, a complete comprehensive keyword tool.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

The philosophy at Wealthy Community is to support each other. It’s a pay it forward community and the only one I’ve ever found that’s so positive.

TeamworkSome members have been there for years. They still help the newcomers every day. And every week there’s a topical webinar about affiliate marketing.

No spamming’s allowed so you don’t ever have to put up with people spamming you.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Free?

You can join Wealthy Affiliate completely for free and with no obligation to upgrade, ever. It’s a perfect way to try out the platform and community to see if it’s something for you.

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The free starter membership takes away the risk; you’ll only upgrade if you see the benefits for you.

If you do love it like I do, you’ll want to join as a paying member. Just hosting various sites individually on another host site would be far more expensive than the yearly fee I pay.

I had one site before on WIX and that site cost me almost the same as I pay now for 50 sites. It’s a no-brainer. So I removed my WIX site and rebuilt it on WordPress, hosted by Wealthy Affiliate, and there’s just no comparison.

Why do I Want to Share This Information With You?

I get so much pleasure and satisfaction from learning new things that Wealthy Affiliate has contributed to my happiness in a big way. And if you’re someone who would also love this journey, then I want to help you.

What Advice Would I Give a New Person?

First of all, go through all the trainings. They’re great training videos so make yourself a commitment to do one a day, or whatever fits into your lifestyle.

Beyond that, get rid of the idea that you’ll be making money in a few weeks. Of course you might make money at the start – and that won’t be a negative thing – but the negative effect comes when you expect too much too soon and get disillusioned as a result.

Go in this for the long haul.


Wealthy Affiliate’s an education, community, and technical support all rolled into one. It’s hosting, teaching, learning, support and fun.


Sign me up for free!


If you want to learn to build websites and use SEO and have fun in the community, come and join me at Wealthy Affiliate and see what I’m talking about . . .



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