How to Write Good Content for Your Website

The secret of how to write good content for your website is to chat. Write Quality ContentImagine you’re talking to somebody you know. Somebody who would be interested in your topic.

When you write, use speak-talk, not formal writing talk. Keep your sentences short and keep your content relevant.

You should proof-read your post several times. Check it for spelling, for grammar and for content. Can you cut out a sentence? If yes, then do. Extra sentences don’t help anyone but it’s quite natural that a few could creep in. So don’t be scared to cut.

Although you want perfection, don’t go over-seeking it, because that can quickly turn into procrastination. You want to grow your website – procrastination is the enemy! Better to write your content from the heart and get it out there.

Remember you can and should come back and re-check it. You’ll be surprised what you’ll see when you’re looking with fresh vision.

How to Set About Writing Content for a Website

Brainstorm your topic and write out a list of sub-topics before you begin. Then, head over to Jaaxy or another good keyword tool and put the topic and each of your sub-topics into the keyword search.

Play with the topics until you find ones that are acceptable to use as titles and sub titles according to their SEO results. Click for more information on how to check for keywords.

So, now you should have a primary title and a list of secondary titles that all have reasonable scores as keywords in themselves.

Write your introduction, where you can explain what you’re going to talk about in the body of the post.

Next, write a short article about each sub-topic. That way you keep organised and cover everything you need to.

Brainstorm your topic

Break Your Text into Short Paragraphs

Most people who read the internet skim and scan for information. Everyone want results immediately.

Nobody wants to read long, heavy paragraphs, so break your posts up into around 4 lines. More than that can turn people off from reading.

Write About What You Know

You really must know your topic. Don’t choose something that you think will make money. If you don’t know enough details about it, it won’t make any money at all.

Having said that, you don’t need to feel like the world’s expert in order to be able to blog, you just have to fully give of yourself and share your opinion. You need to be able to write and write and write about your topic, so it should be something you care about.

Write from the heart. You’ll have to open up and put yourself out there for all to see. If you’re true to yourself, it will show in your words and your readers will get a sense of the real person behind the page.

Don’t Be Scared

One of the biggest hindrances for many people is FEAR. Fear of the online world, fear of putting your heart out in the open where (you feel) it could be attacked.

And fear of FAILURE.

Fear of failure hides itself in so many different costumes you may not immediately recognise it, so dig deep and throw out any fear that you find.

Overcome FearYou have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We’re living in a time of change. A time of sharing and helping other people to find their best self. A time where everyone can claim their good fortune and help another one along the way.

And for the people who don’t agree with you, does it really matter?

How To Change Your Fear

Everyone the world over will have different opinions to you.

That’s true online or offline. It makes no difference if you post your thoughts and feelings online . . . (unless you’re trying to change other people, then they may take offence and start an argument with you).

Other than that is doesn’t matter if you’re different. That’s what makes you YOU.

To overcome any fear you need to change your beliefs on a subconscious level. When you really want to make a living online, your desire will be greater than your fear and then you’ll be able to conquer the fear forever.

Are you different to others? Of course you are! That’s why you can succeed, because what you’re sharing is going to be unique.

Sharing is selfless, not selfish. We can all share and help each other. Sharing is cool. Remember, if someone doesn’t like what you write, they can move on to another site. No problem.

So, write from the heart and enjoy it!

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